Frequently Asked Questions

What is VOIP

VoIP (voice over IP) is a method of delivering voice and multimedia over the internet. Other common terms related to VOIP are IP Telephony, Internet Telephony, and broadband phones.

Other words, your business phone system uses provisioning communication services which include fax, voice, sms, and voice messaging over the internet rather than the telephone company's old switched telephone network (PSTN). Allworx phone handsets work with both VoIP and PSTN systems.

Using the bandwidth efficiency of the Internet, Allworx business phone systems can provide businesses migrating from traditional copper wire telephone systems to VoIP solutions to reduce their monthly costs. In addition, the Allworx business phone systems using VoIP can provide businesses with many options increasing efficiency.

Number Portability

Migrating your Business Telephone System or VoIP phone system from a PSTN or when your moving your business to another location phone number portability is normally desired. Transfering your phone numbers is done by your telephone service provider. All phone companies are required to will allow you to transfer your phone numbers, this is a FCC requirement. Transferring your phone numbers; however, can require some time to accomplish especially if your changing Carriers. Planning ahead for this type of delay can eliminate costly schedule delays. Check with your Carrier when you are planning your migration or moving.

Operational cost

Allworx telephones using VoIP can be a benefit for reducing communication and infrastructure costs. Examples include:

  • Routing phone calls over existing data networks to avoid the need for separate voice and data networks.
  • The ability to transmit more than one telephone call over a single broadband connection while still using your data internet connection.
  • The difficulties of creating a secure telephone connection over traditional phone lines, such as digitizing and digital transmission, are already in place with VoIP. It is only necessary to encrypt and authenticate the existing data stream.
  • Utilized existing network infrastructure to minimize the operating cost.
  • Eliminating the need of hiring personnel to greet and distribute incoming calls with the use of Allworx Call Assistant.

Business Phone System an Installation Overview

Even the installation process is very simple with Allworx! From the time you purchase your Allworx business phone system to the final system installation, Easy PC is committed to delivering the highest quality in record time! Here is a review of the process that begins once you've purchased an Allworx system. We do it in four easy steps:

1. Site Survey
For every order, Notable Tek will complete a thorough Site Survey at your location. The purpose of the site survey is threefold:

  • To verify that the Allworx business phone system you have chosen suits your location and needs.
  • To collect all the information necessary to ensure a smooth installation.
  • To finalize any last minute user or business requirements which may have been overlooked and cost estimates, including installation, equipment, phones and other costs that is pertinent.

2. Order Equipment
Once the site survey is completed and any necessary changes are made to your system configuration, you will be provided a finalized purchase order to sign. Once the purchase order is signed and paid, the equipment will be ordered from Allworx and an installation date will be scheduled. The schedule date should coincide with any installation or transfer of your telephone service provider's connection; if necessary to reduce or eliminate any downtime.

3. Installation
Once your Business phone system and phones arrives, Notable Tek Staff will install your system. Most installations take from a half day to a whole day, depending on your configuration.

4. Training
Before Notable Tek Staff leaves the site, your managers will be trained on features, operations and system maintenance. Additional training time for users can be requested and ordered as an option.

Overall, installation of the Allworx business phone system is fast, it's easy and you're up and running faster than you could imagine for such a full-featured communication/IT system.

Fax Support

Fax machines can be directly connected to your Allworx Business Phone System to create a direct line to the fax. For added flexibility, that same line can be used as an outgoing line when the fax machine is not in use.